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At Fly Marketing, we are passionate about getting to know your brand and sharing its amazing features with your audience. We bring exceptional skills when it comes to social media management and social strategy.

Why choose us? We can create a content delivery plan that will adhere to your standards and drive the results that your business needs. Not only is our work rigorous and creative, we also take a specialized approach with each business to create a custom social media setup that aligns with your brand.


Social Media Marketing done right can really impact the lives of consumers by getting them acquainted with really great brands. Letting them know the essence of your business can certainly help it to grow larger and faster.


We want to help you show the online world just how great your brand is. We will do it in a creative way and ensure that it leaves a lasting impression. There is no limit to what we can reach together!


Her professional career

Born in the National Capital Region, Geneviève developed a strong interest in marketing and audiovisual advertising very early on. During her studies, she produced videos and slogans whenever she had the opportunity. Geneviève is very outgoing by nature. From the age of twelve, she was already in the labor market developing her skills in customer service.


She has worked for various companies, particularly in the areas of sales and event planning. She has always held several jobs at the same time in order to take advantage of every learning opportunity.


Geneviève holds a tourism diploma from La Cité College and a professional diploma in social media marketing from Shaw Academy. She has until recently held a position as a flight attendant for a major airline company. Quickly promoted as on board service director, she also obtained the TICO certification (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) as a certified travel agent.


While working as a flight attendant, Geneviève was hired by the studio where she regularly practiced yoga. Following her initiative to develop the studio's Instagram platform, she was promoted as the marketing and customer communication specialist. Her intervention and ideas helped increase the audience by 300% and develop privileged relationships with influencers in the region. During this time, Geneviève undertook online training with Algonquin College to deepen her skills in social media.

Why Fly Marketing?

When Geneviève realized the magnitude of her passion for marketing as well as her talent with social media management, she made the decision to leave her flight attendant career to start her own business. She decided to pay tribute to her journey in the aviation industry by naming her company Fly Marketing.

Her experience as a flight attendant has allowed her to perfect her interpersonal skills and develop her great ability to communicate with the public. Eager to offer a top-quality service, Geneviève knows how to work under pressure - and not only in an airplane cabin! This work experience has been a great way for Geneviève to get to know people from the inside, develop her listening skills and discover strategic communication techniques. You have to be diplomatic and patient to provide a service to people at 40,000 ft in the air, in a confined space where personal space simply does not exist!

Geneviève has transposed the achievements of her work experience as a flight attendant in the management of her business. She is prepared to educate businesses and offer an unforgettable service in branding and marketing. She commits herself entirely to Fly Marketing in order to support local businesses in their growth. As a natural leader, she wishes to share with them her customer solution strategies, to ensure that their brand can be associated with an online presence that is authentic and creative.


Her greatest pride?

To be a female entrepreneur who is guided by her passions and who applies all facets of her personal experience into offering services adapted to real businesses from the National Capital Region. She keeps investing in the development of her abilities by following specialized training and constantly researching the latest developments in social media. She does not hesitate to surround herself with competent people that help her deepen her knowledge in digital marketing, content creation and copywriting. In her opinion, we never stop learning!

Geneviève is a dynamic woman who knows how valuable relationships are. Those who are around her daily know that she is ready to take risks in order to achieve the best of herself. Very generous in nature, she is attentive to the needs of others and constantly strives to improve. She is without a doubt greatly ambitious!

Paskale L. Champagne

My name is Paskale and I am a Content Creator. I graduated in Communication, Writing and Multimedia. I work in marketing, and I create photo and video content. I have a wide range of interests, to say the least!


I can take care of the whole process of creation, from pre-production to post-production. From the storyboard to the photo editing, my partners are involved in all stages of planning. Whatever your intentions are, I give great importance to the style you want to develop.


If I arrive well prepared to all sessions, I also make sure I allow creativity and spontaneity. Sometimes the best photo will not be the one that was thought and planned. A wacky and improvised idea can surprise us ...


I am also used to vary my formats so that the photos can adapt more easily to various platforms (website, newsletter, social media, etc.).


I stay up-to-date on new trends, and my style evolves with time and inspiration of the moment.


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